MIniature Painting Servce

25/28MM Metal-Plastic Figure Painting charges

Painting Charges for metal figures include cleaning, assembly and matt varnishing. Vitrix , Perry & Warlord figures will attract an assembly charge of US$ 0.75 , GBP 0.55 , Euro 0.65
28mm Metall- und Plastikfiguren bemalung service,Figurines en métal et en plastique de 28 mm Service de peinture , Servizio di verniciatura in miniatura da 28 mm in metallo e plastica, Servicio de pintura en miniatura de metal y plástico de 28 mm,
28mmの金属とプラスチックの数字, 28毫米金属和塑料的数字,28mm 금속 및 플라스틱

Shield Painting Charges

Shields fixed to 15 or 25mm Wargamer, Collector or Showcase
Painting shield design is charged extra according to work involved. In some cases painting a shield design takes more time than painting the figure. Whether it is Wargamer, Collector , super showcase or Showcase, shield design charge is the same.


Designed Shield Painting Charges
"Per Shield"
2.00US$ upwards

Designed Shield Painting Charges
"Per Shield"
0.75US$ upwards